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Qwav File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
qwavaveragelayer.h [code]
qwavbackgroundlayer.h [code]
qwavbetterpeakupdatestrategy.h [code]
qwavdebuglayer.h [code]
qwavdefaultpeakinterpolator.h [code]
qwavdefaultpeakupdater.h [code]
qwavdefines.h [code]
qwavexceptions.h [code]
qwavexperimentalpeakinterpolation.h [code]
qwavlibsndfilewavedata.h [code]
qwavlinepeakdatalayer.h [code]
qwavmarker.h [code]
qwavmarkerinterface.h [code]
qwavmarkerlayer.h [code]
qwavmonowaveview.h [code]
qwavpeakinterpolator.h [code]
qwavpeakupdater.h [code]
qwavpeakvector.h [code]
qwavpeakvectorsimulator.h [code]
qwavposlayer.h [code]
qwavselection.h [code]
qwavselectionlayer.h [code]
qwavstereopeakupdater.h [code]
qwavstereowaveview.h [code]
qwavviewlayer.h [code]
qwavvorbiswavedata.h [code]
qwavwavedatainterface.h [code]
qwavwavedatalayer.h [code]
qwavwaveview.h [code]
qwavwaveviewinterface.h [code]
qwavzerolinelayer.h [code]

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