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QwavMarker Class Reference

A marker marks a position in the waveform. More...

#include <qwavmarker.h>

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Public Methods

 QwavMarker (unsigned long position=0, const QColor &color=Qt::blue, uint width=9)
 QwavMarker (const QwavMarker &marker)
QwavMarker & operator= (const QwavMarker &m)
bool operator== (const QwavMarker &)
const unsigned long & position () const
void setPosition (unsigned long sample)
int id () const
const QPixmap & pixmap () const

Protected Methods

QPixmap makeMarker (int width, const QColor &color)

Detailed Description

A marker marks a position in the waveform.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QwavMarker::QwavMarker unsigned long    position = 0,
const QColor &    color = Qt::blue,
uint    width = 9


Constructs a marker at position with color. The width parameter is used internally for specifiying the size of the marker.

position  the position of the marker \color the color of the marker

QwavMarker::QwavMarker const QwavMarker &    marker

Copy constructor.

Member Function Documentation

int QwavMarker::id   const [inline]

Returns the unique id of this marker. This id is only valid for a session.

the id of the marker

QwavMarker & QwavMarker::operator= const QwavMarker &    m [inline]

Assigmnent operator. Copies the position and the id of a marker \m.

bool QwavMarker::operator== const QwavMarker &    m [inline]

Operator==. Compares \m to this marker. Two markers are equal, if only the ids are equal.

const QPixmap & QwavMarker::pixmap   const [inline]

Returns the pixmap associated with this marker.

the pixmap

const unsigned long & QwavMarker::position   const [inline]

Returns the position of the marker.

the position (in samples)

void QwavMarker::setPosition unsigned long    sample [inline]

Sets the position of this marker to \sample.

sample  the position to set this marker to

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