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QwavPeakUpdater Class Reference
[Peak updaters]

#include <qwavpeakupdater.h>

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Public Methods

virtual ~QwavPeakUpdater ()
virtual void updatePeaks (QwavPeakVector *pv)=0
virtual string getName () const=0

Protected Methods

 QwavPeakUpdater ()

Detailed Description

The QwavPeakUpdater is an abstract baseclass that provides an interface for calculating PeakInfo's from a waveform (which is called "peak updating" here).

The calculates PeakInfo's are needed for fast waveform-drawing.

Subclasses have to implement the updatePeaks() method to do the work.

The getName() method has to be implemented to return an unique name for this strategy (use the classname here). This is mostly used for debugging.

See also:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QwavPeakUpdater::~QwavPeakUpdater   [virtual]


Qwav_BEGIN_NAMESPACE QwavPeakUpdater::QwavPeakUpdater   [protected]

Standard constructor.

Member Function Documentation

virtual string QwavPeakUpdater::getName   const [pure virtual]

Returns the name of this QwavPeakUpdater. This is mainly used for debugging.

the name of this QwavPeakUpdater

Implemented in QwavDefaultPeakUpdater, and QwavStereoPeakUpdater.

virtual void QwavPeakUpdater::updatePeaks QwavPeakVector   pv [pure virtual]

The updatePeaks() method is the working function of this class. It implements the update algorithm to calculate PeakInfo for the waveform of pv.

pv  the QwavPeakVector to calculate the PeakInfo's for

Implemented in QwavDefaultPeakUpdater, and QwavStereoPeakUpdater.

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